Book Review: To Pixar and Beyond

Summary: Read the story of Pixar’s CEO as he takes the company from before Toy Story to after the IPO, including some very special conversations with Steve Jobs in between. Reasons to read: This book has quite a few very good examples of the important commercial considerations any creative businesses or IP practitioners should have …

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Naomi Osaka had her image whitewashed – how can athletes avoid this?

The Australian Open saw a new champion in Naomi Osaka, who despite winning the US Open, was not seen as a favourite to win.  Osaka was in the headlines for a different reason in the lead up to the final.  It was reported that her image had been "whitewashed" for an advert with a Japanese …

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How to be an environmentally conscious tennis player

Tennis is not something that's gets mentioned much in the same sentence as environmental issues. Roger Federer has encouraged environmental campaigns in the past, but there are not many players who could be considered eco- warriors (Billie Jean King being the exception). However, all you need to do is look in your kit bag and around your club and you will notice how being a tennis enthusiast can end up being not the best for the environment. A lot of plastic and single use/ disposable items can be used over the course of a tennis match. It doesn't have to be that way though. So before you put on a fresh overgrip or throw away a tin a balls after only one use, I recommend that you read 7 ways in which you can be an environmentally conscious tennis player (please think before printing this article).